Full Rails (Pair) - Hospital Beds

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Our Full Rails offer the safety and security you're looking for at a reasonable price. Our rails come as a pair and can be raised or lowered. They offer a telescoping design that allows the rails to shorten and lengthen when the sections of the bed are raised or lowered, making sure that the bed occupant stays safely in the bed.These rails have more protection than traditional rails with their new design that closes up the area that used to be open when the bed was fully articulated (in an upright position).

  • Heavy-duty 7/8" chrome plated, welded steel construction
  • Hospital bed rails are secured to bed by two self-adjusting spring-loaded cross braces
  • Safety bed rails lock in raised position and can be lowered completely down for getting in or out of bed
  • Bed rail length is 55"
  • Includes two (2) full length bed rails and two (2) cross braces


Rail Length: 55"
Rail Height Above Deck
Raised: 14.5"
Lowered: 4.25"

Width Between Bed Rails: 36"
Shipping Dimensions: 45" x 22" x 4"
Shipping Weight: 27 lb.

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